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Blacklist Members Receive “Core Participant” Grant While Undercover Policy Investigation Will Take Place


Blacklist members have received a “core participant” notice and has been added to the list of undercover policy inquiry.

Dailycsr.com – 16 October 2015 – In the course of Pitchford Public Inquiry, that prodded into the matter relating “undercover policing”, a notice status of “core participant” was issued to BSB. Therefore, the members of the “Blacklist Support Group” received the above mentioned notice.
Report has it that in many occasions there have been concerns regarding safety issues and health measurements which in turn were voiced by various workers, who worked on Blacklist Support Group’s construction site.
Consequently, the ones involved in being vocal could not continue their work as they were “denied employment”.
At present, the said position granted to the company will keep its operation under scrutiny. As a result, the examination that will be carried out by the inquiry personnel assigned, will automatically take into consideration whether or not the police provided the “Consulting Association blacklist” with any such information.
In fact, lately, the UCATT or the “Construction union” also stepped in front informing that it had also “granted” a similar status of “core participant” to Blacklist Support Group. It was way back in the years of 1990s, when an officer of UCATT, working under covering joined Blacklist Support Group, went to the extent of joining the company in disguise. The said news was broken by the agency sometimes in the month of March. However, the Health and Safety website provides a more detailed report informing the same.