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Black & Veatch Delivers Sustainable ‘Knostrop Energy & Recycling Facility’


The sludge treatment facility built by Black & Veatch embodies sustainable operations across its infrastructure lifestyle.

Dailycsr.com – 27 April 2020 – The “Knostrop Energy & Recycling Facility” for water valuing “£72 million” and based out of Yorkshire keeps sustainability at its heart. Likewise, it generates enough electricity from sewage which in turn powers “7,600 homes” while the facility for this project was delivered “on time and to budget”.
Through this successful venture one can gather the benefits of a “delivery partner” that enhance value at “multiple points during the infrastructure lifecycle”. As a result, Black & Veatch associated with the said project in its early stages and began to conduct a “feasibility study” reviewing various technologies for “sludge treatment”. In the process, it also identified the “best location for the new facility”.
Following a planned development and outline design, Black & Veatch guided the project of Yorkshire Water to build up while carrying out “site investigations” which allowed them to figure out as well as “mitigate risks early in the project”. Furthermore, Black & Veatch also conducted “Environmental Impact Assessment” as a part of preliminary support system.
Following the initial stages, Black & Veatch entered into a contract with Yorkshire Water for building up the “Knostrop Energy & Recycling Facility”. The details of designs were given shape by keeping the “future operations and maintenance in mind”. As per the information provided by Black & Veatch:
“Intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (iP&IDs) were used to link asset data from the design and commissioning phases to a data base via the P&ID symbol. The database was uploaded directly to Yorkshire Water’s SAP system for maintenance planning”.
The “key construction” innovations include the raising of “gas bag on a platform” for condensation of “pots on the gas pipework”. Thanks to this innovation space confinement for maintenance was avoided while the same innovation found its place amid the “asset standards” of Yorkshire Water.