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BioCarbon Engineering’s Lauren Fletcher Uses Drones As A Reforestation Tool


Lauren refused “to take ‘no’ for an answer”.

Dailycsr.com – 29 May 2017 – Thirty percent of the landmass is covered by forests, which “provide sustenance and medicine for 1.6 billion people”, besides pumping the air with moisture and lifesaving oxygen. Moreover, one has to also keep in mind that forest are rich in bio-diversity as eighty percent of the “world’s biodiversity” can be found in the forests.
In spite of all these, nearly fifteen billion tress are cut down on an annual basis as a prey to “commercial logging, development”, sometimes for clearing out farming space and other times due to “a host of natural stressors”.
Communities and “endemic ecosystems” are threatened by the practice of deforestation as it dramatically adds up the “greenhouse gas emissions”, as it releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that was “stored in timber”. Even though “enormous planting efforts” are made to reverse the effects of deforestation, “the planet still experiences a net loss of six billion trees annually”.
The Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of BioCarbon Engineering, Lauren Fletcher, from his eleven years of experience “as an engineer at NASA” devised a solution which is a “faster, more efficient method of reforestation”. As a result, he uses drones for replenishing the forest. Likewise, he can plant “one billion trees at a time”. Lauren worked with astronauts to rebuild the “Earth’s ecosystems”, whereby “refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer”.