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“Bee Responsible” Promotes ‘Pollinator-Friendly’ Gardening


Ortho introduces “first-of-its-kind” consumer oriented campaign that promotes responsible gardening to save pollinators.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2018 – Ortho, a leader in the “lawn and garden” market, made an announcement to reveal a joint venture with the “Pollinator Stewardship Council”, a “first-of-its-kind” campaign on consumer education, called “Bee Responsible”.
The said campaign aims to assist “home gardeners” to promote the protection of “honey bees and other native pollinators”, whereby it provides guidance for responsibly using pesticides, besides the campaign also informs the consumers about the time and method of applying “garden control products” so as to avoid harming pollinators in the process. In the words of the Vice-President as well as the General Manager for Ortho, Tim Martin:
“Habitat is a key component to help pollinator populations rebound and home gardens can provide critically needed spaces for pollinators to feed and forage. Since 2016, after evaluating risks to honey bees and other pollinators, we are working to phase out all neonicotinoid-based active ingredients from OrthoⓇ outdoor garden products. We’re proud to be the first to make this important transition. Now we’re collaborating with the Pollinator Stewardship Council to more broadly share ways to use garden control products responsibly.”
From this month onwards, Ortho will sell its resources “online at Ortho.com” which will feature “gardening tips” like “always use products as directed, spray when air is calm to avoid drift, focus spray on plant leaves and stems, and apply at dusk and dawn when pollinators are less active”.
In the coming spring, the campaign will be made “available at retail locations alongside neonicotinoid-alternative OrthoⓇ garden control products”. And the Programme Director at the “Pollinator Stewardship Council”, Michele Colopy said:
“In partnering with OrthoⓇ, we are able to expand our message and share educational tips to protect pollinator populations with consumers across the country. We have already increased awareness of pollinators in Ohio at botanical gardens and farms across the state in support of pollinator conservation on public lands and farms. Now working together, we are helping to increase pollinator friendly practices in everyone’s backyard.”
Ortho along with its “parent company ScottsMiracle-Gro” has ventured into helping to restore the “pollinator populations” through “responsible pest control use” and “pollinator-friendly” gardening. The campaign, “Bee Responsible” is a part of the above mentioned initiative.