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Bath & Body Works' Environmental Champion Wins Corporate Citizen Award


Bath & Body Works' ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives has recently garnered recognition from PR News at the 2024 Impact Communications Awards. These accolades spotlight communicators who leverage their platforms to enhance both local and global communities.
One noteworthy achievement is Maureen McHugh, an associate at Bath & Body Works, being honored with the Corporate Citizen of the Year award. This prestigious acknowledgment is bestowed upon professionals who lead the charge in corporate social responsibility endeavors and consistently champion social causes within their organizations.
In her role as Manager of Environmental Sustainability, McHugh spearheaded a groundbreaking pilot program aimed at redirecting unsold products away from landfills and towards nonprofit organizations. Since its launch in 2023, this initiative has resulted in the donation of over 400,000 units of product. Encouraged by its success, the program is now poised for widespread implementation across the entire Bath & Body Works chain.
“Maureen’s actions to launch this program led to immediate environmental and social impact which will have tremendous future impact on thousands of communities,” says Jeff King, GVP, Head of ESG for Bath & Body Works. “This effort further supports our company’s larger ESG goals and fuels our progress to take care of the things that matter most.”

“It’s an honor to be recognized with the Corporate Citizen of the Year award,” says Maureen McHugh. “I’m motivated every day by my passion to leave the planet in a better state for future generations. I look forward to learning and growing as a sustainability professional and continuing to drive meaningful change along the way.”

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