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Barnes & Noble, Inc. Donated Majorly To ‘Marine Toys’ To Help Families In Need


A major donation that helped thousands of families has been sponsored by Barnes & Noble, Inc. and organised by ‘Marine Toys for Tots Foundation”.

Barnes & Noble, Inc. Donated Majorly To ‘Marine Toys’ To Help Families In Need
Dailycsr.com – 30 December 2015 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. will make “a major donation to the Marine Toys” which will in turn go to “Tots Foundation” in “Reno, NV” as well as in New York. The total amount of donation goes more than “$350,000 worth of merchandise” which consists of twenty two “pallets” along with “10,000 units of products at each location”. The list of donation items include “a handpicked selection of books, puzzles, plush toys, board games, electronic games, infant toys and many more fun and educational toys and games”.
The Barnes & Noble’s C.E.O Ron Boire stated:
“Barnes & Noble is thrilled to continue its support of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation with this donation, which will hopefully make the holidays extra special for families who are less fortunate this year. Our booksellers in New York City, Reno and throughout the country are excited about this donation because they know it will make a big impact in the communities they serve every day.”
The donation in Reno was held on Monday, the 7th December 2015, while all the “products” came from “the Barnes & Noble Distribution Centre” located in Reno. Additionally, “the Nevada National Guard and the Reno Sherriff’s Department” along with the coordinators from “Marine Toys for Tots” lent hands in unloading the trucks and helped in the distribution process.
While, the Nevada Honor Flight’s founder Jon Yuspa adds:
“Barnes & Noble has a big presence in Reno, so we’re thrilled that they decided to support our community with a major donation. We know that local families are going to really appreciate this.”
On the other hand, the donation event at the New York Centre took place on the 9th of December and a “team of Marines” were present to carry out the manual work at site. The coordinator of “Toys for Tots”, Staff Sergeant Juan C. Corrales said:
“Once again Barnes & Noble has come through to support us in a big way. This donation will help us in our mission to ensure that every child in New York City has a book or a toy under the tree this holiday season."