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Investing in women is investing in the community.

Dailycsr.com – 27 March 2019 – Dell Technologies celebrated the “International Women’s Day” by collectively working together to provide due recognition towards “women’s achievements”, besides spreading awareness “against issues like bias” and creating a world which has a more balanced gender equation.
This balance is quite necessary if communities and economies are to progress; resonating this very theme, this International Women’s Day Dell pitched for “Balance for Better”, as it added:
“When we invest in women, they invest in their communities. This presents an economic opportunity, as well as breaks existing barriers to put the wheels of cultural change in motion”.
One of Dell’s top priorities is to cultivate inclusiveness, for “underrepresentation” is “a critical issue” as we witness an exponential growth in technology job roles along with a “severe talent shortage”. Statistics show that by 2024, in the U.S. alone there will be “1.1 million” job openings related to technology, while the present candidate pool can satisfy less than fifty percent of this demand. Therefore, there is a “critical” need to expand the pipeline and bringing in groups that were “traditionally underrepresented”. This seems to be the way to plug the “future skills gap”.
Dell believes that making “collective efforts” could prove to be the “biggest opportunity” to usher in change. As a result, many customers of Dell have joined the company in hiring women and giving them more “leadership roles” as an attempt to “eliminate bias in their organizations”. Dell feels proud of these industry-wide collective efforts that are “paying off”. And it added:
“Today, 20 percent of the Fortune 500 global CIOs are now women (according to Boardroom Insiders), compared to about 16 percent the year before. Hiring of women among top tech companies has also reached 34 percent, up from 29 percent the year before”.
Although, there has been some progress on the way, still a lot remains to be done to establish the industry-wide gender balance. As per IDC, 56% of women think that they are “underrepresented in STEM fields”. Therefore, the question that arises now is: how can the situation improve by bringing in the “underrepresented groups” and plugging on the “talen shortage?
Below is a list of steps taken by Dell Technologies to #balanceforbetter, as mentioned by the company:
  • Investing where it matters: Over the last five years, we’ve invested nearly $70 million in STEM.
  • Focusing on breaking specific barriers: We’ve joined coalitions such as Reboot Representation which seeks to double the number of women of color graduating with computing degrees by 2025 and the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, which addresses key barriers to entry for underrepresented groups.
  • Leveraging technology for progress: Our team is exploring ways to use artificial intelligence to eliminate personal bias from recruiting and hiring, ensuring we can fill unmet job requirements and create the best possible workforce”.
It is also important to carry out “candid conversations” on this topic of gender equality and “diversity in the workplace” besides stressing upon “unconscious bias, privilege and inclusive leadership”. Dell aims to take “all 145,000 team members” through its “MARC unconscious bias program by the end of 2020”. While, Karen Quintos added:
“I continue to be inspired by the progress we’ve made at Dell Technologies and the opportunity we have to lead the industry towards change and driving human progress. While we have a long way to go to balance the workforce and our society, more can be done when we commit to taking action together”.