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BV Safe Contact, A Geospatial Tracking Tool Maps Real Time COVID-19 Threats


The safety of the field workers especially the ones serving in the hard hit COVID-19 regions can now turn to BV’s new “crisis-management tool”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 April 2020 – Black & Veatch has come up with a “geospatial tracking tool” which would provide additional safeguard to the “field services and construction crews” during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
The company rolled out the “BV Safe Contact” as the demand for “essential power, water and telecommunications services” seem to peak globally whereby making “large infrastructure projects more critical than ever”. The work needs to continue so that these corporate units continue to supply “critical services” to the public. Therefore, keeping the safety and heath of these field teams becomes of paramount importance amid ongoing COVID-19 threats.
The “BV Safe Contact” connects live “project management data” with “health and safety data” and comes up with “new levels of intelligence” while carrying out continuous monitoring to detect “potential exposure and health threats in project areas”. The Programme Manager as well as the Systems Architect at Black & Veatch, Edward A. Sutton III added:
“The tool was inspired by the need to make intelligent, informed decisions about the safety of our field crews and construction professionals – and those of our clients – during this current global health crisis. Providing leadership with crucial project intelligence will help mitigate potential outbreaks among crews, or even prevent an outbreak altogether.”
“Nora: Total Project Awareness” is a “cloud-native connected data platform” which supports the BV Safe Contact tool as it monitors “a large Northeastern utility” serving regions that are hit hard by the pandemic such as New England and New York. With the help of the tool, the utility can take “informed decisions” about scheduling their “project work” and relocating workers. While, the Telecommunications Business’ President at Black & Veatch, John Janchar said:
“Black & Veatch’s unique capabilities put us in a position to not only help manage this crisis, but to offer valuable client solutions. BV Safe Contact is another example of our ongoing efforts to lead with an innovation-first mindset, and to move quickly to adapt to an ever-changing global threat.”
Here are the goals that the platform of BV Safe Contact aims to meet as it continues to be developed, as mentioned by Black & Veatch:
  • “Monitor exposure potential and population density to better track the spread of COVID-19 over time.
  • “Trace employee interactions on job sites and with the public to provide a history of potential exposures and predict future high-threat scenarios.
  • “Alert employees to potential exposure from confirmed cases through advanced visualizations and analytics, enabling them to quickly self-isolate and seek treatment if needed”.