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BSI To Come Out With The First Set Of ‘Standards’ On Circular Economy


Ethical Corporation’s briefing looks at the corporate agendas in relation to circular economy.

Dailycsr.com – 29 May 2017 – The Ethical Corporation has come up with a complementary briefing that is twenty pages long, whereby detailing case studies on circular economy conducted by “Smurfit Kappa, Timberland, Toyota and Jaguar”.
At present when businesses are being accountable for CSR, circular economy increasingly comes in front as a solution for the society as well as the corporate sector, constantly moving away from the “‘take, make and dispose’ extractive model of business”, as mentioned by the “Ellen MacArthur Foundation”.
However, the circular economy’s advocates are still working in the shadows with “little legislative guidance on closing the loop”. But now, in the coming month, the “British Standards Institution” is coming up with the “world’s first set of standards for the circular economy”, BS8001. These regulatory guidelines aims at helping the companies take proper measures to “realise value from circular principles”.
Although, the question of “how much measurable progress are companies making on this agenda now” still remains to be answered. In order to download a complementary briefing for yourself, kindly visit: