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BIER’s Unprecedented ‘Watershed Collaboration’


Restoring “21.5 hectares of land” which will play a vital role in restoring the “quality and quantity” of water in the region Jalisco region of Mexico.

Dailycsr.com – 25 September 2020 – The members of the “Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable”, in short BIER, have come up with a “first of its kind” collaboration which addresses watershed challenges in the “Municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga, Jalisco Mexico”.
Through this project, the aim is to restore “21.5 hectares of land” which will play a vital role in restoring the “quality and quantity” of water in the region. Among the key activities, there are “planting native vegetation” which will increase the levels of groundwater besides reducing soil erosion, “improving water infrastructure” and promoting awareness about how important water is to the health of the communities. Here are the names of the beverage companies that are part of this initiative:
  1. Charco Bendito
  2. Beam Suntory
  3. Pernod Ricard
  4. AB InBev
  5. Bacardi
  6. Keurig Dr Pepper
  7. Brown–Forman
In the words of the Executive Director of BIER, Nick Martin:
“Our members have a long history of collaborating to advance sustainability and this extends that commitment to an on-the-ground water stewardship project that will have tangible benefits to a shared watershed and community. We hope this project provides an example to other business sectors that if competitors can come together then all businesses can collaborate in water-stressed areas across the globe.”
While, the Municipal President of “Tlajomulco de Zúñiga”, Salvador Zamora Zamora added:
“The local community is key to the success of this project, which is of great importance because it improves water conditions in an area of high cultural and ethnic significance. This project is unprecedented and we acknowledge, and thank this group of companies for sharing a common vision.”
A team of individuals consisting of BIER members’ “local beverage operations in the Guadalajara area” are in the process of designing and implementing the above mentioned projects while Red Bioterra is providing tech support and Bardo Communications is looking into public relations. Likewise, the AB InBev’s “Regional Sustainability Manager – Middle Americas”, Carolina Garcia said:
“We’re very excited about bringing together beverage industry leaders to pool resources and technical knowledge in order to address water challenges that will help people, the environment and the business community”.