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BIER To Build ‘Future Scenarios Toolkit’ To Help Corporate Communities To Plan Their Future Better


Strategy is the key behind success in the business world, while strategies are dependent on circumstances which are often hard to predict. Therefore, we have BIER ‘au secours’ with its new toolkit for “plausible future scenarios” prediction.

Dailycsr.com – 09 December 2017 – At present, the world stands at the junction of rapidly changing scenarios whereby introducing an amount of uncertainty which could be “nerve-racking” for companies dealing with sustainability. Changes in policies to scarcity of resources, many such “unknown possibilities” could “impact” the lifeline of “businesses, communities and ecosystems”.
Likewise, many companies are looking towards predictions of the future trends and seeking consultation. While, either a “psychic gift” or a time travelling device would be an inevitable option of hundred percent accuracy in the prediction, “plausible future scenarios” could be constructed with the help of “data, trends, observations and collective insights”.
In the hope of building a “Future Scenarios Toolkit” that could guide the future planning “in and beyond the beverage sector” the BIER or “Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable” has entered into a recent partnership with “World Wildlife Fund and the Business School of Lausanne in Switzerland” for their expert opinion on “scenario planning”.
The blog on “Future Scenarios Planning” by the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable enumerates “five key benefits of future scenario planning” besides explaining the usefulness of “Future Scenarios Toolkit”.