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BIER Semi-Annual 2017 Meet Presents Its ‘Current Initiatives’


Beverage industry leaders convened to carry on the sustainability standards within the sector by addressing water and energy sustainability issues.

Dailycsr.com – 27 November 2017 – The leaders of the beverage industry from all over the world gather in “Guadalajara, Mexico” for three days from October 17, 2017 to October 19, 2017, to attend the semi-annual “Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable”, shortly called BIER.
The said event was organised by “Brown-Forman” featuring an agenda of tackling “pressing environmental sustainability issues” like watershed performance, the energy sector in regards to climate change, besides “regenerative agriculture, and transparency and disclosure”.
Moreover, Tequila Council also presented a take on sustainability from “a regional perspective” that came with “an insights review of the recent Latin American Water Forum” while the “discussion of regional best practices between members” followed. Furthermore, Ethical Performance informs:
“Meeting attendees also received a tour of Brown-Forman’s Casa Herradura Facility and enjoyed a Brown-Forman hosted Tequila Experience”.
Right from the year of 2006, since BIER’s inception took place, it has not only “pursued” but also “championed environmental sustainability practices”, whereby BIER considers “open sourcing” and “collaboration” to be “primary success factors”. In response to corporate decision makers’ internal pressure, made heavier with the support from “investors, and external stakeholders”, BIER presents its voice in a unique way.
Among the current initiative of BIER, there are the work of “defining context-based metrics for water use, developing energy assessment tools to help prioritize and mitigate climate change impacts, and establishing guiding principles around ecosystem dependencies and biodiversity conservation measures across the beverage product value chain”.