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Axalta Joins MANNA In The Endeavour Of Bringing Food To Patients With Critical Ailments


Team members from Axalta join MANNA to pack nourishing supplements for the patients who suffer critical ailments.

Dailycsr.com – 29 October 2015 – Axalta Coating Systems lends a helping hand in the Philadelphia based commercial kitchen of MANNA, whereby a team of volunteers from both the companies – the former is a renowned “supplier of liquid and powder coatings” while the latter a commercial kitchen -  packed eight hundred chickens dinners along with seven hundred seventy “turkey burgers”.
The packed dinner was served to the community member of Philadelphia who suffering from “critical illnesses”, for example AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiac or Renal problems. When a patient is going through any medical crisis, the meals of MANNA can provide nutritional support and be “a vital source of nourishment” for that matter.
In the year of 1990 seven members from the Philadelphian First Presbyterian Church came in front to found MANNA, whereby initially the organisation strove to comfort patients of AIDS. MANNA was born at a time when AIDS was regarded as a stigma and the medical world was still ignorant about the disease.
At that time AIDS patients were often abandoned by their friends and family, therefore when all the doors closed before the AIDS patients MANNA provided them with love, care and comfort. Since then MANNA has been sustaining patients of AIDS especially during the period of isolation and discomfort that came with the diagnosis of AIDS.
In the words of the president at Industrial Coatings, Michael Cash:
“Working in Philadelphia has made us accessible to many great organizations like MANNA right in our back yard. The Axalta Industrial team plans to continue our engagement by embracing our role in this community and supporting these inspiring, local missions and projects. Aside from helping the community, the experience is also extremely beneficial to us as a team and as a company.”
At present MANNA operates from “a renovated 10,000 square foot facility” that is situated at Philadelphia’s Ranstead Street, whereby it provides about “65,000 warm and nourishing meals” on a monthly basis to critically ill patients who suffer from “a multitude of serious diseases in Southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey”.
Moreover, there is excitement among the team members of Axalta who look forward to continue to work with MANNA whereby offering their volunteer services “on a quarterly basis”. In case of further information one could visit: