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Avista’s Volunteers Contribute & Participate In Backpacks For Kids’ Effort


What could more rewarding than helping kids to start off a new “school year” by ensuring that they are well equipped for the journey?

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2016 – In a collaboration between Avista and “The Salvation Army of Spokane”, a “new school year” was prepared.
Through the “Shared Value” campaign along with “Backpacks for Kids”, volunteers from Avista took part in social welfare activities. Backpacks for Kids, as mentioned in Ethical Performance, is “the largest backpack distribution event in the region”. The said initiative provides help to students for starting off their school year.
Likewise, students are provided “backpacks filled with school supplies”. This year, as many as eighty volunteers from Avista, joined in the same effort and became part of the distribution whereby “5,500 backpacks” were given out, while Avista, through its “employee donations” offered a donation of “$9,600 to the effort”.