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Availability of Nicky Elite growing over the US


Sofidel, a prominent worldwide supplier of hygienic and household paper products, has officially introduced its renowned Nicky brand to the United States. Consumers in the US can now access the Nicky Elite range, which stands as the country's inaugural line of household paper products made with eco-friendly, sustainable paper packaging. 

“Nicky Elite is the only household paper brand made in the U.S. that uses packaging that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President of Marketing, Sofidel America. 

“The innovative paper packaging enables consumers to conveniently recycle the packaging using their local curbside recycling scheme. This innovative product line further demonstrates our commitment to developing sustainable paper products and reducing consumption of single use plastic.” 

Nicky Elite's beloved character, Shelly the turtle, serves as a reminder to consumers about the significance of reducing plastic waste to safeguard marine wildlife and their habitats. Shelly's presence is prominently featured on the packaging and will be utilized for brand promotion through social media and in-store campaigns throughout the United States. 

Sofidel's commitment to sustainability in the tissue industry has earned them an impressive distinction, as they were recently ranked among the top 1% of companies assessed by Ecovadis. Additionally, they have established a valuable partnership with Ocean Conservancy to support beach cleanups across the United States. Sofidel was also one of the pioneering companies to engage in the "Forests Forward" initiative led by WWF, demonstrating their dedication to enhancing timber procurement policies. 

“Sustainability is the heart of our mission and products,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President of Marketing, Sofidel. 

“We’re proud to offer our Nicky product line to the U.S. consumers to help them make more sustainable choices. We encourage the public to engage with Shelly the Turtle via our social media channels to learn more about our efforts to help protect marine wildlife and habitats.”

Consumers in the United States can conveniently purchase Nicky Elite through various channels, including online platforms such as Amazon and Instacart. Additionally, the availability of Nicky Elite is steadily expanding across a growing network of retail stores throughout the country.