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Atlas Copco’s climate goals get UN recognition


Being a world leader in the business of providing sustainable productivity solutions can be quite challenging. Atlas Copco is not only that but it has been recognized as the world’s No. 1 company in the machinery industries section that provides innovative cutting edge technologies which go a long way in making business operations become sustainable and yet be productive and profitable.

Atlas Copco’s reputation as a leading solutions provider for sustainable productivity took got a shot in the arm when at a major conference, the United Nations recognized its goals of cutting down carbon dioxide emissions from its products and operations.

The United Nations is hosting a Business and Climate Summit in Paris, France, this week. This provides a unique opportunity for leaders from various industries and governments to proactively demonstrate their innovations, ambitions and strategies vis-à-vis climate change. 

The outcome of this summit will play a major role at the United Nations led conference on Climate Change scheduled at Paris this December. This is so because, solutions which have the potential for having a larger impact are likely to come to the fore and thus attract strategies for effective tackling of the climate change dilemma.

With Atlas Copco’s determination to reduce its emissions by making use of innovative energy efficient products will not only go a long way to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations but also make the company more efficient in its daily operations.

“A small carbon footprint is the sign of big innovation, and the biggest impact we can make is by creating energy-efficient products,” said Atlas Copco’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Mala Chakraborti. “We are honored that the UN is highlighting our environmental targets which drive our business, create operational excellence and reduce the impact on the environment.”

Way back in 1994, Atlas Copco’s innovations, gave rise to variable-speed compressor technology, which not only make it energy efficient, but more economical as well. Energy consumption is also dramatically reduced. Again, in 2013, it launched its patented VSD+ technology wherein energy consumption is reduced by more than 50% when compared to the energy consumed by traditional compressors. In yet another example of Atlas Copco’s innovations, its rollers, used heavily in the road construction industry, have become very fuel efficient, thus helping to cut down on fuel bills as well as reducing C02 emissions.

Earlier this year, Atlas Copco has been recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies and figures 23rd in the Global 100 list. This list is presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Last year it ranked 46th. The 23 point jump in its ranking is not minor feat. Of note is the fact that it is No. 1 in the machinery industry.