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Atlas Copco Leads The Way In Being Considerate Towards Its Stakeholders


The well being of Atlas Copco’s stakeholders relate to the success of its goals.

Dailycsr.com – 13 June 2016 – Robert G. Eccles & Tim Youmans questions on the MIT Sloan Management Review:
“What would it look like for the board of directors of a major corporation to consider, in a meaningful or material way, stakeholders beyond its shareholders?”
As per many arguments, companies should “look beyond their shareholders”. However, the specification to this kind of venture still remains hazy as nothing of the sort has been yet put into practice.
The duo confirms that in the best of their knowledge, Atlas Copco holds the place of the “first listed company”, wherein the board of directors identified “a significant connection between its business goals and the well-being of stakeholders other than its shareholders” and expressed the same in a “Statement of Significant Audiences and Materiality.”
The page number eight of the annual report of Atlas Copco for the year of 2015, contains the above mentioned statement. However, Eccles & Youmans also point out the brief nature of the statement, whereby they said:
“Note that it (statement) is both brief — just one half-page in their annual report — and clear about their commitment.