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Astellas USA Foundation Is Looking For Its Partner In STEM Education Initiative


The clock is ticking as the deadline to submit your proposal draws near.

Dailycsr.com – 26 July 2016 – Thanks to “Astellas USA Foundation”, STEM education will be available in rural areas. Under the “Rural Communities Initiative”, Astellas USA Foundation complemented its wide spectrum of “existing partnership”, whereby launching an innovative initiative of STEM.
The said initiative is an attempt to introduce the advantage of “STEM education” in high school as well as middle school in “targeted rural communities”. In the words of Astellas USA Foundation’s President Jeff Winton:
 “STEM is a critically important educational foundation for students who are both college-bound and career-ready, yet rural school districts in America often do not receive the kind of support that urban and suburban counterparts do. With our new rural STEM initiative, we hope to expand STEM access to these underserved communities to give more students an opportunity to thrive in academic and professional settings.”
The new website of the Foundation, Science WoRx™, acknowledges the proposals of the “rural STEM pilot program in Illinois”, which are due for the 15th of August 2016, whereby the philanthropic nature of the platform will provide fund raising opportunities. The hands on education approach through the STEM programme will help to “ignite imaginations” and “feed curiosity” of the ones interested in the same field.
The said website also includes information about the non-profit partners of Astellas USA Foundation in its STEM initiatives, besides “compelling testimonials” and the Astellas’ employees’ advice who mentored and taught as teachers in the classroom, while Winton adds:
“Through resources like Science WoRx, the Astellas USA Foundation seeks to educate, inspire and empower all students to be big thinkers and enable them to create brighter lives and positively impact their communities. We want to ensure the success of the next generation, whether they are scientists, IT pioneers, healthcare workers, machinists, farmers, teachers, plumbers or entrepreneurs.”
Furthermore, the Astellas USA Foundation extends an invitation:
“Have an idea? Want to get involved?
“Astellas USA Foundation is always looking for the next big idea or those who are eager to get involved. To learn more about the grant application process, existing partner programs or volunteer opportunities, please connect here: https://www.astellasusafoundation.org/ScienceWoRx/contact/.  And to stay tuned-in, follow us!  Astellas USA Foundation is on Facebook at /AstellasFoundation and on Twitter @AstellasFDN”.