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Ashridge & Hult Commit To Paris Pledge By Signing The Agreement Of COP21


In an attempt to create new era’s business leaders, Hult & Ashridge make climate change their core concern.

Dailycsr.com – 30 December 2015 – Subsequent to the historic Paris gathering at the “UN Climate Change Conference”, COP21, the “Paris Pledge for Action” has been signed by “Ashridge Executive Education” along “Hult International Business School”.
Other investors, cities and businesses alike have joined Ashtridge and Hult in adapting the “new, universal climate agreement” that was accepted at the summit, as a promise to implement the same in order to ensure that “the level of ambition set by the agreement is met or exceeded”.
The economic transition is advancing, whereby it is moving towards “a low carbon economy”, nevertheless, the progress towards this direction has been slowed down by the “lack of certainty among investors and businesses” as to where stands the level of “ambition, resolve and agreement amongst the world’s most significant governments”.
Even though, the agreement signed at Paris, may not be “perfect” yet it seems to fit the call of the hour, whereby it stands as a “collective ambition to hold temperature rises to well below 2oC” by the government of the world and arrive at an effective “‘net-zero’ carbon emissions by the second half of this century”.
The business schools need to play their crucial roles by helping the implementation of the agreement. In order to participate, the business school can invest in “research and work in helping to develop individuals and organisations’ knowledge and expertise”.
New set of question are needed to be considered before creating new era’s business leaders, whereby:
“As a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) we already have a focus on practical, applied research on business and sustainable development. We are committed to further integrating sustainable development into the curriculum of all our flagship management programmes. The implications of the low carbon economy have long featured in the MBA curriculum”.
At present the MSc course of Ashridge in “Sustainability and Responsibility” helps to develop the skills of the students as that they are capable of leading a “system change to help business”. Moreover: “Two of its alumni set up the Carbon Disclosure Project, one of the world’s leading investor initiatives on climate change, which played a key role at the Paris summit”.
The core concern of Hult Prize, being “the world’s biggest student initiative on social entrepreneurship”, is the issue of climate change. The business students on a global basis are “challenged” annually to present “a business idea for tackling a complex global challenge”.
Furthermore, Ashridge reports:
“The Paris agreement is welcomed by us and we stand ready to work with others to ensure today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders are equipped to play a leading role in the transition to a low carbon future and achieving ‘net-zero’ emissions by the second half of this century”.