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As Decision Makers Shed The Brexit Worries, 2017 Barometer Notices Increased Corporate-NGO Partnerships


Inculcating sustainability into business strategy has enabled cross sector collaboration and pushed mission, purpose, social benefits, to harmonise with the U.N’s global SDGs.

Dailycsr.com – 23 October 2017 – The role of “non-governmental organisations” and companies are “divergent” in an economic scenario. While, Vikas Vij writes that the companies hold a “primary goal” of maximising “shareholder wealth”, on the other hand, the non-governmental institutions keep the “social benefit” at the front seat.
However, reports Vij, that over the past twenty years’ time both the above mentioned categories are finding more and more “common ground” in “sustainable business strategy” whereby integrating the “social benefit”. The “C&E Advisory” came out with a new report named “2017 C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer”, wherein it mentions that “companies and charities are investing more in partnerships with each other”.
One main “reason” of this flourishing partnerships is that the decision making board in either categories have shelved their Brexit worries in comparison to last year’s situation. As per the study, almost “two-thirds of the respondents” involved think that Brexit effect will not have any effect on company-NGO partnerships.
In fact, there was an increment in “the scale of resources invested in or secured from partnerships by companies and NGOs”. In comparison to 2016, there was been an increment of 9% in resource investment or securing of more than “£10 million” annually within “corporate-NGO” partnership.
According to the “2017 Barometer”, both the sectors’ “leading organisations” are plunging into “deeper, problem-solving”, besides enhancing “corporate reputation and generating income for NGOs”, while “purpose and mission” are grabbing more and more the lime light.
Companies based in the U.K. as well as international ones along with “international NGOs” have come under the influence of the “UN SDGs”, whereby there is an attempt to “revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”. However, the 2017 Barometer concluded that NGOs based out of the U.K. haven’t geared up yet to “this particular Global Goal”.
While, Vij says that as per Manny Amadi, the “C&E Advisory” Chief Executive Officer, “the eighth edition of the Barometer presents a highly encouraging picture of the cross-sector partnering landscape. Leading companies and NGOs are clearly prioritizing and investing greater resources of funds, time and know-how into deeper, problem-solving partnerships with each other.”
Furthermore, “corporate-NGO partnerships” were singled out by the report based on their keenness to “acclaim”. While, the “2017 ‘Most Admired’ corporate-NGO partnerships included GSK and Save the Children; M&S and Oxfam; and Innocent and Age UK”. In Vij’s words:
“Over 90 percent of all respondents anticipate that partnerships between companies and NGOs will become either more or much more important over the next three years. Meanwhile, 77 percent of companies and NGOs expect their investments in cross-sector partnering to increase or increase significantly over the next three years”.