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Arrow’s Networking Event Brought The STEM Champions’ Together


Arrow Electronics continues to show its support towards the Colorado’s STEM education initiatives.

Dailycsr.com – 04 August 2016 – Sometimes in the month of July 2016, Arrow Electronics organised the latest “board meeting and a networking event” that took place in the Global Headquarters on the company, wherein the “fellow Colorado STEM Champions” who are working in the field of making “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” education better in the state, were the main people.
The STEM Champions can form part of any foundations or companies, while it can be an individual also as long as the subject makes financial contribution of “at least $30,000” over a span of three years for supporting “implementation of the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap”.
Moreover, the champions thus selected also dedicated their valuable time “as a member of the STEM Champion Board and the STEM Advisory Committee”. In the words of the CSR Manager at Arrow, Alex West:
“Arrow Electronics is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other Colorado-based companies and organizations to guide innovation forward for all Colorado students. Developing a diverse pipeline of qualified, local tech talent ensures that the growing number of businesses based here can compete successfully in the global marketplace.”
The people attending the networking event, wherein Arrow played the role of a host, got to communicate with “leaders from current and new STEM programs” that have received the acceptance into the “Colorado STEMworks Database”. It the second year of Database which identifies STEM Programmes that have been vetted by the experts as effective ones, while the leaders in the business world as well as the advocates along with the donors would “want to support”. While Ethicalperformance informs:
“Colorado is only one of three states, along with Arizona and Iowa, to have developed such a database of high-quality, proven programs. A joint effort of the Colorado Technology Association and Colorado Education Initiative, the Database currently includes 21 youth STEM programs in Colorado”.