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Arbor Day Foundation Enhances Urban Tree-Planting with NatureQuant Data


The Arbor Day Foundation is set to enhance its tree-planting initiatives in urban areas, thanks to the latest data from NatureQuant, a tech and research firm. The Foundation’s CEO, Dan Lambe, expressed his enthusiasm for using cutting-edge data and technology to refine their tree-planting strategies in cities and neighborhoods. The new data from NatureQuant will allow the Foundation to be more precise in creating impactful projects that boost the health of underserved communities.

NatureQuant’s recent update includes a revised Nature Priority Index (NPI) score for each U.S. census tract. The NPI score combines socioeconomic data with information on existing nature and tree canopy in each area. This data helps the Arbor Day Foundation pinpoint where tree planting can have the most significant impact in urban settings. The updated census boundaries now incorporate 2020 data, which includes approximately 11,000 additional tracts.

The Arbor Day Foundation has set an ambitious goal of planting 500 million new trees by 2027, prioritizing forests and neighborhoods that need them the most. Studies indicate that urban residents living in areas with a high tree canopy tend to be healthier both mentally and physically compared to those in low-canopy areas. Urban trees also offer protection against extreme heat, filter air pollution, enhance property values, and mitigate traffic noise.

In its last fiscal year, the Arbor Day Foundation contributed to the planting and distribution of over 630,000 community trees globally, marking a 23% increase. With the historic $1.5 billion investment from the Inflation Reduction Act, the Foundation anticipates a continued rise in community tree plantings. This funding is dedicated to ensuring equitable access to trees in cities and neighborhoods across the country.