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Apple’s forests growing initiative in China


A million acres of managed forest in China is not just Apple’s dream, it is making it a reality with the help of the Chinese chapter of the WWF.

Keeping with the times, Apple has decided to expand its efforts in the environmental protection and renewable energy department. On the 11th of April 2015, it announced that it will significantly increase its responsibility towards managed forests in China, by as much as much as a million acres, with the help of the World Wildlife Fund. Through this initiative Apple aims to achieve a “net-zero impact on the world’s supply of sustainable virgin fibre” for its spectrum of operations throughout the world. 

“Forests, like energy, can be renewable resources. We believe we can run on naturally renewable resources and ensure that we protect—and create—as much sustainable working forest as needed to produce the virgin paper in our product packaging. This is an important step toward that goal and our commitment to leave the world better than we found it,”  said Apple’s Vice president of Environmental Initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

Apple also announced that its intentions of making its Chinese manufacturing base more energy efficient. 

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said “We’ve set an example by greening our data centers, retail stores and corporate offices, and we’re ready to start leading the way toward reducing carbon emissions from manufacturing. This won’t happen overnight—in fact it will take years—but it’s important work that has to happen, and Apple is in a unique position to take the initiative toward this ambitious goal. It is a responsibility we accept. We are excited to work with leaders in our supply chain who want to be on the cutting edge of China’s green transformation.”

This announcement follows Apple’s launch of its first ever solar project in the Sichuan Province of China, wherein its plant will generate more electricity than the total power requirements of all its corporate offices and retail stores in all of China. To accomplish this, Apple has partnered with Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Sichuan Development Holding Co., Leshan Electric Power Co., SunPower Corporation and Tianjin Tsinlien Investment Holding Co., to create two 20 megawatt solar power plants. 

Together both power plants will generate annually 80 million KW, which is more than sufficient to power 61,000 Chinese houses. 

“Apple’s support for this project and its environmental leadership show that protecting forests is not just good for society but important for business. This collaboration between our two organizations will seek to reduce China’s ecological footprint by helping produce more wood from responsibly managed forests within its own borders. Doing so is essential to China, the world’s biggest timber importer. Our hope is this will catalyze a new model of corporate leadership in promoting sustainable forest management and using paper resources more efficiently and responsibly around the world,” said Lo Sze Ping, Chief Executive Officer for WWF China.