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Antea Group USA Adds New ‘Customizable Staffing Solution’: RaaS


Capitalising on its capacity to “provide resources”, Antea Groups introduce new offering to its “Health and Safety” unit.

Dailycsr.com – 16 December 2020 – “Resources-as-a-Service”, in short RaaS, is the name of the new health service added to the Antea Group USA’s “Health and Safety offerings”, whereby the new addition provides “customizable staffing solution” to address temporary “resourcing needs” related to environment, safety, sustainability and health issues.
In the words of Antea Group USA’s Senior Consultant as well as the Lead of RaaS, Mark Longson:
“Our RaaS solution effectively responds to our client’s need for in-house, temporary EHS and sustainability professionals. Our clients know that Antea Group has the ability to provide resources that match their technical needs and that fit their culture. Antea Group makes the initial process of candidate evaluation, selection, and procurement simple and cost-effective. Throughout the assignment, Antea Group remains involved with the client and the Antea Group RaaS employee to ensure performance satisfaction. At the conclusion of the assignment, we work closely with the client to enable a seamless transition.”
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