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Antea Group Shows The Way In Managing Acquisition Related Environmental Liabilities


Strategy, presentation, and management are the tools to manage environmental liabilities.

Dailycsr.com – 23 August 2016 – Antea Group presents strategic approaches that will help manage industrial environmental liabilities. The said evaluation allows one to look through a finance lens.
In today’s uncertain economic scenario, companies are striving to function in a profitable manner, while the transactions of assets remain in the foreground towards transforming, adapting and re-inventing their operations. No matter how “gloomy” a balance sheet might be, a “well-thought out and well-executed acquisition” can turn the table entirely by introducing “rapid revenue growth, added geographic coverage, a complimentary value” for the customers, while there could also be a favourable opening in “a competitive market”.
However, some these acquisitions bring with them certain “environmental liabilities”. Antea Group informs that having liabilities does not always mean that it’s “entirely negative”. Talking about environmental liabilities, Antea Group adds:
“...typically this is an unavoidable part of getting the deal done, and many times it devalues the total asset asking price favorably for a buyer. However, what may be accepted as a little shade in an otherwise sunny deal can quickly become an unresolvable damp basement of doom, gloom and horror for a company through the mismanagement of the acquired environmental liabilities”.
In such situations, planning with a long-term strategy for effectively managing environmental liabilities, by understanding the “implications and true costs” of the selected strategy is required.