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An Invitation To The CSR Professionals


Learn about creating volunteering oriented work-culture wherein people engage themselves in workplace giving.

Dailycsr.com – 23 September 2016 – The professionals in the field of corporate responsibility seeking to improve their knowledge on the methods of growing “engagement in workplace giving” besides “volunteering” programmes, here is the right time for you.
Learning how to engage in volunteering programmes and establishing the culture of “workplace giving”, helps an organisation to become “strong business” platform besides spreading positive social impacts.
All such enthusiastic people are invited to be a part of the webcast of “Benevity and Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals”, which will take place on the 5th of October 2016 at “1:00 pm ET”.
Moreover, Benevity also reveals that:
“Nicole Campbell, Principal of the Goodness Consulting Group at Benevity (and former manager of Intuit’s global employee giving and volunteering program), will share 6 key strategies to spark increased program participation”.
The said webcast could provide the roadmap to success, when the need is to create an environment in the workplace which is “dominated by millennials”. Moreover, the information featured in the webcast will base itself on the “exclusive data” generated from “Benevity’s Fortune 1000 clients”.
In order to be a part of the webcast you need to register. For registering visit: