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An ‘Efficient’ & ‘Affordable’ Transformation Towards Clean Energy


Edison International’s work in California builds on the region’s “state policies” to achieve cleaner air quality and aligns itself with GHG emission goals.

Dailycsr.com – 24 January 2018 – Air pollution and the issues climate change have become “serious threats”, which is resulting in the rise of sea level along with “more intense heat waves”. Even after making “significant progress” in the Californian region, there are still many communities that “experience asthma and other air quality-related health issues”, reported Edison International.
Southern California Edison is a utility section of Edison International, which has created an “integrated framework” and gave it the name of “Clean Power and Electrification Pathway”. It is an attempt to “fight climate change” and to bring improvement in the quality of air in the region.
The said framework bases itself on the “existing state policies” that aims to achieve “environmental goals” of California, whereby it includes the 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emission by the year of 2030 in comparison to its “1990 levels”, while by the year of 2050, the same should be reduced by 80%. Furthermore, there is also an aim of “reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other health-harming pollutants in areas of the state with the highest levels of air pollution by 2032”.
With the use of “existing technologies”, the Pathway identifies the need for an “electric grid with more carbon-free energy”, “which is used to clean other sectors of the economy”. By cleaning the supply chain of electricity, one can clean up “other sectors” in turn, while “ensuring” a transformation which “efficient” as well as “affordable” besides generating “good-paying jobs”.