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American Military Children Will Be Helped Through Grant Awarded To B.G.C.A


The B.G.C.A gets awarded a grant for helping military children through mobile app and online platform.

Dailycsr.com – 08 September 2015 – The United Heath Foundation granted an amount of “$1.75 million” to the “Boys & Girls Clubs of America” which is otherwise called B.G.C.A. The sum will be utilised in building an “interactive online platform” along with a mobile application customised for military kids. The said platform will help the military children with resources which can stand by them to face their unique family situation which is packed with pressure wherein they thrive. Moreover, it will also keep them busy and help them till their “parents and loved ones return from service”.
United Health Foundation awarded this grant under its scheme of “Helping Build Healthier Communities” which has been providing “critical resources” community based non-profit organisation situated all over the country whereby trying to improve the health of the citizens. Moreover, in Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s words:
“Service members and their families in Colorado and throughout the country make great sacrifices to preserve the freedoms we enjoy every day. Particularly, the kids of these brave men and women face unique challenges when their parents’ service ends and they transition back to civilian life. With the help of United Health Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America will help these kids reintegrate and thrive in their new schools and communities.”
While the Congressman, Doug Lamborn stated:
“Our nation’s service members and their families know the true meaning of sacrifice. The children of our fighting heroes have the strength to endure the challenges associated with this sacrifice, but they need more help from all of us. This program supported by United Health Foundation in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America will help them succeed in their new schools and communities as they transition from military to civilian life. I greatly appreciate the deep commitment that UnitedHealth Group and the United Health Foundation has demonstrated toward the health and well-being of our military community and their families.”
The announcement was made in an event which took place at the “Peterson Air Force Base” which claimed that the programme that will be developed will “engage” children from military families through various ways which will include mobile apps, bulletin boards digital community, interactive games, opportunities for distance learning and “targeted digital communications”. The pilot result of this initiative will be launched “at five Boys & Girls Clubs Affiliated Youth Centers”. The B.G.C.A’s president cum C.E.O, Jim Clark informs:
“The children of military families are some of our nation’s most resilient yet vulnerable youth, who have had to make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of our country. Thanks to a generous contribution from United Health Foundation, we’ll be able to reach more families and provide the resources and community support they need as they transition between military and civilian life.”
While, the senior medical director of “UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans”, John Williams said:
“We are grateful for the opportunity to support Boys & Girls Clubs of America to make a difference in military families’ health and well-being. This online platform will give children of military families’ access to health and community resources that will enhance their quality of life.”