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Alliant Energy Honoured With ‘2020 Tree Line USA Award’


Alliant Energy continues on its commitment to protect, nurture and enhance urban tree cover.

Dailycsr.com – 06 May 2020 – The Arbor Day Foundation has been given the “2020 Tree Line USA award” honouring its commitments to protect as well as enhance tree covers in the urban areas, whereby marking the twenty second year for Alliant Energy to receive Tree Line USA’s distinction for its efforts, while the later is a collaboration between “the Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters”.
In the words of the product portfolio management director of Alliant Energy, Anne Lenzen:
“We are committed to the environment and helping to provide beautiful trees for the future in the communities we serve. Our practices provide long-term benefits for customers by providing cleaner air and water, increasing property values, improving quality of life and conserving energy to reduce peak demand.”
Alliant Energy pays attention to “trimming, pruning, planting, care” besides the construction of underground utility for preserving the health and the quality of trees. Moreover, the employees here receive annual training for “best tree-care practices”. The organisation has entered into partnership for planting over “1.6 million trees and seedlings” in the communities of Iowa right from the year of 1989.
Moreover, the programme titled Branching Out promotes “energy efficiency, environmental awareness and community stewardship” besides providing funds as well as implementing projects of planting trees, whereby in 2019 alone the organisation has undertaken thirty nine such projects. In fact, communities wherein the Alliant Energy functions could also approach the organisation with grant application for tree purchase.
This year, the Alliant Energy Foundation has shown its support towards the “Growing Futures program” of Trees Forever which would hire local teenagers for planting trees and taking care of them in turn especially in under-resource neighbourhood. The Arbor Day Foundation’s President, Dan Lambe said:
“Trees are a critical part of urban landscapes all across the United States. They provide important benefits to residents, including clean air, clean water and a tolerable climate. Services providers like Alliant Energy demonstrate that it’s possible for trees and utilities to co-exists for the benefit of communities and citizens.”