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‘Alliance for Community Trees Program’ Worked Through Pandemic Spring


Alliance for Community Trees continued working for local impact even through the pandemic.

Dailycsr.com – 30 December 2020 – “Alliance for Community Trees” Programme is a community based organisation which involve “citizens, schools, churches, and government” for creating local impact, whereby it plants trees to improve communities all over the country.
In fact, last spring, the work that these organisations do came into the limelight while the world was caught within a pandemic grip. Likewise, Green Columbus group of Columbus step up for helping its community which “ranked first in rising urban heat island effect” as it worked tirelessly to plant trees. Earth Day Columbus happens to be the “largest Earth Day volunteer event” organised in the U.S. which could not stop its work even in 2020 for the residents “depended on it”.
The Arbor Day Foundation and its “corporate partners” collaborated to carry on the said event, while Claus Eckert from Green Columbus recounted:
“For this project we relied on professionals and individual experienced volunteer tree planters to plant a total of 31,000 trees. It was a record year for tree plantings despite a global pandemic and a statewide shutdown, and the community accomplished it following health and safety guidelines. A huge thank you to Verizon and the Arbor Day Foundation for believing in us and supporting us in this project so that we could make this happen.”
Over ninety percent Americans live in urban environment, which makes it important for local level “informed action” to be “greater than ever”. Arbor Day Foundation further adds:
“The Alliance for Community Trees network is an integral part of making that happen. These committed organizations help deliver our shared mission in the communities they serve”.