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‘All They Need Is Love And Affection’


Volunteer from Wells Fargo celebrates birthdays of orphan girls in India.

Dailycsr.com – 16 February 2018 – Pooja Naidu, is a part of Wells Fargo’s Hyderabad, India team as a project coordinator in “Enterprise Information Technology”. She experienced an unforgettable moment, in 2015’s spring at Maruthi Orphanage in India. Maruthi Orphanage is situated in India’s Hyderabad city which provides shelter to girls. She remarked:
“How difficult it is for them to survive a life without their parents”.
Naidu’s thoughts were full of compassion for the children who lives there in need as some were “orphans, semi-orphans” while others were “abandoned”. In her urge to help these children, she started volunteering and has been doing so regularly “ever since”.
In Naidu’s words:
“I just feel good that, apart from my daily life and work, I am able to take time out for those who don’t have anyone”.
As a part of Naidu’s volunteering effort, she throws a party every month in celebration of “birthdays at the orphanage” and she adds:
“They truly get excited and I am not exaggerating, but they actually treat you like a celebrity.”
In 2017, Naidu received the recognition of a “Volunteer of the Year for Wells Fargo’s Enterprise Information Technology group”. She has been an inspiration to fellow members through her passion and involvement. In her words:
“I really like the idea of giving back something to the community”.
In fact, Naidu’s work cannot be limited to “just giving back to her community” as her friendship and investment of time with Maruthi Orphanage’s goes beyond that and she feels:
“All they need is love and affection.”
Wells Fargo Stories feature Pooja Naidu’s bond with these children, which is available at: