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Alfac Lands In The Top Five In ‘50 Best Company Cultures’ List


With the help of anonymous feedback from the employees, Alfac acquires the fifth spot for its workplace culture.

Source: flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)
Source: flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)
Dailycsr.com – 31 December 2018 – Aflac is a leader in selling “voluntary insurance” for U.S. worksites, whereby the company has made it to the top fine in the “Comparably’s 2018 list of the 50 Best Company Cultures”.
Comparably is a “culture data website” based out of California which scrutinises the workplace cultures of various companies. The website informed that the companies who made it to their “annual Best Company Cultures list” were supported by “the highest ratings by employees” through “anonymous feedback” which were obtained in the form of answers to workplace culture related questions that ranged “from work environment and compensation to leadership”.
In the words of the chief executive as well as the chairman of Aflac, Dan Amos:
“Landing in the top five on this list reinforces our long-held belief that Aflac is indeed a great place to work, and we are pleased that our employees responded to this anonymous survey in such a positive way. It has long been our company’s belief that if you take care of the employees, they will take care of the business. Our employees, coupled with our products, which are second to none, are the engine that enables Aflac to continue dominating our industry.”
While, the “Aflac U.S. President”, Teresa L. White stated:
“Aflac’s generous profit-sharing program, along with excellent health care, a matching 401(k), on-site child care and in-house medical services are just a few of the benefits that make us an attractive place to work. And our innovative work environment, where people are challenged each and every day to stretch their personal and professional limits, provides rewards for employees who are eager to grow to meet the newest challenges in an ever-changing environment.”
In the month of January 2018, Alfac made an announcement of using “a significant portion of the funds” saved by tax reform to hike up the “employer contribution to every employee’s 401(k) by a full percentage point”. Moreover, it also awarded a “one-time $500 contribution to each worker’s 401(k)” besides devoting more funds on “innovation as well as several million dollars to the company’s latest philanthropic effort in the area of childhood cancer”, under the title of “My Special Aflac DuckTM”.
The executive vice-president, as well as the CFO of Aflac, Fred Crawford said:
“Giving back to employees and to the community is not only the right thing to do, but it is a vital investment in people, any good company’s most valued resources. We want Aflac employees to feel secure, knowing that a bright future is in store for their families, so they can focus on helping make Aflac the best it can be. Moreover, My Special Aflac Duck has energized our teams in ways that we could not have imagined, and I truly believe it is a primary reason why Aflac employees responded to this survey in such a positive way.”
And the chief executive of Comparably, Jason Nazar added:
“Winning Comparably's Best Company Culture award is an exceptional achievement, highlighting the absolute best places to work in the United States as rated by their own employees. Aflac consistently receives high praise from its employees for its forward-thinking and supportive leadership, and for having a workplace that's collaborative, motivated, and fun.”