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Alexion Along With Covid Alliance Facilitate COVID-Testing In Ireland


Alexion’s College Park Site help “local communities in Ireland during these challenging times”.

Dailycsr.com – 24 August 2020 – People from across the globe have felt the profound impact the COVID-19 impact, whereby companies and individuals have set inspirational examples by stepping out to serve “their communities in more ways than ever before”.
Due to the pandemic, many countries have experienced a significant mark up in the “diagnostic testing”, while Ireland has experienced “a shortage of raw materials for lysis buffer”, the latter being an “essential component” required for COVID-19 testing. As a result, the government of Ireland reached out to “scientists, academics and biopharma companies”. In response, many bio-pharma-chem companies, including “Alexion’s College Park site in Dublin”, formed the “Covid Alliance”, dedicated to help in sourcing the “raw materials needed for the reagent”.
In the words of the head f the “Alexion College Park site”, Paul McCabe:
“This was a fantastic example of collaboration by academia and industry to support the needs of our country during the COVID-19 crisis”.
Through the Covid Alliance’s manufacturing chain, the essential component manufactured so far will be enough to support more than “180,000 tests” while with “a new supply chain” as many as “750,000 more tests” can be conducted. The director of engineering at Alexion College Park, Áine Fleming said:
“I am delighted that Alexion was able to collaborate with other BioPharmaChem Ireland companies to support the needs of our health service in providing raw materials for the lysis buffer”.
Alexion Pharmaceuticals further added:
“We are fortunate that our College Park facility has the capacity to not only support the patients who rely on us, but also our local communities in Ireland during these challenging times”.