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Alaska Teacher Apprenticeship Program Receives KeyBank Grant: Addressing Workforce Challenges and Certification Needs


Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc., has been awarded a $150,000 grant by KeyBank to bolster its recently launched Teacher Apprenticeship initiative. This program aims to equip and assist new educators in obtaining the necessary certifications.

Its primary objective is to address the workforce hurdles confronting educational institutions in Alaska and enhance the retention rates of staff members who may otherwise reach the conclusion of Head Start’s 3-year waiver period without certification. The program is closely aligned with University of Alaska Anchorage courses, as well as Federal Head Start standards and practices that are developmentally appropriate.

“Early childhood education is the bedrock upon which our communities are built, and we realize how challenging it is to attract and train qualified educators who will help nurture and educate our next generation,” said Alaska KeyBank President Lori McCaffrey.

“We are delighted to support RurAL CAP’s efforts to improve support and training for these much-needed professionals. Our mission is to help our communities thrive, and this program addresses a wide range of positive outcomes by helping committed teachers gain secure employment, with enhanced support throughout the challenging first years as early childhood educators, as they work to set our youngest neighbors on the path to success.”

“This grant will help foster a better work experience for new educators and create a pipeline to ensure ample early childhood education staffing on a consistent and reliable basis throughout Alaska,” said RurAL CAP CEO Tiel Smith.

“We are so grateful for this funding partnership with KeyBank that allows Early Childhood Education to be prioritized for our state. We are looking forward to our Teacher Apprenticeship program supporting Alaskans as educators of future generations.”