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Airports To Become A Sustainable Place


Architects around the world are on a pledge to create eco-friendly airport systems.

Dailycsr.com – 18 July 2016 – Airports have been regarded as a place wherein primarily “anti-environmental” activities are carried on, starting from high air pollution, high energy consumption to noise pollution, airport systems have long been known for low operational sustainability.
Currently, some architects with innovative visions are working to design eco-friendly and more sustainable airports which can contribute to a world that is “more environment-friendly”. Gatwick and Heathrow are the architects of two of U.K’s central airports, who have come forward with “revolutionary plans” which can transform airports into more sustainable place.
The “Federal Aviation Administration” thinks that there are “three important goals” that need to be fulfilled by sustainable airports, whereby they need to reduce “environmental impact”, give priority to “economic growth” and finally generate “social progress”. In order to achieve these above mentioned goals, the airports will have to work seriously to cut down emissions, reduce noise pollution level, “eliminate light and visual pollution”, bring down the consumption of “critical resources” like land, water and electricity, and take care of natural vegetation and wildlife around their location.
Gatwick’s plan includes ten points for converting airports into a sustainable place, whereby the same tries to “increase social and economic growth”, simultaneously cutting down carbon footprints. As a result, the airport premise could maintain “better air quality”, eliminate “noise pollution”, reduce twenty percent of energy consumption, and increase waste recycling.