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Advancing Healthcare: BMS's Commitment to Diversity, Innovation, and Sustainability


Advancing Healthcare: BMS's Commitment to Diversity, Innovation, and Sustainability
Since its inception in 1887, BMS has been instrumental in positively impacting patients globally, and I am privileged to carry forward this rich legacy as Board Chair and CEO. Upholding this legacy is a significant responsibility that demands our unwavering commitment to the values and principles that have been the bedrock of our past achievements, while charting the course for BMS' future.
In an increasingly intricate global landscape, our unified strategy, encompassing our ESG performance, holds greater significance than ever before. This is why, in 2023, we actively engaged with a spectrum of stakeholders, including patient advocacy groups, shareholders, suppliers, employees, international organizations, and our Board, to discern their perspectives on ESG matters pertinent to our business and society. Drawing from these insights, we refined our ESG strategy with a primary focus on advancing global patient health, nurturing a diverse and high-performing workforce, and pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration, all while endeavoring to mitigate our environmental footprint.
Advancing global patient health remains paramount in our mission. Irrespective of geographical location, patients continue to face barriers to accessing essential medicines and healthcare services. We are steadfast in our commitment to implementing sustainable solutions to address these health disparities worldwide. This involves dedicating specific resources and pioneering new approaches to expand access, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
To realize this vision, we are integrating accessibility considerations into the fabric of our operations, instigating a transformative shift in our approach. From raising awareness about the societal impact of medical conditions to advocating for broader public reimbursement for our innovative medicines, our efforts encompass a spectrum of initiatives aimed at alleviating the burden on patients.

In LMICs, tailored programs are being developed to enhance access to our innovative portfolio, resulting in significant strides. We have facilitated access to 12 transformative products across 80+ LMICs, with over 40 of these products being provided to low-income countries at not-for-profit or adjusted pricing. Furthermore, our global policy collaborations are geared towards fortifying healthcare systems, thus ensuring sustainable benefits for patients and communities.
In tandem with our commitment to patient welfare, we are unwavering in our dedication to scientific advancement. By fostering a culture of excellence and investing in R&D capabilities, we strive to expedite the development and delivery of life-changing medicines. With one of the most diverse portfolios and pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation across therapeutic areas. Leveraging our differentiated research platforms, including cell therapy and targeted protein degradation, we aim to broaden treatment options and alleviate the burden of diseases worldwide.
The recent approvals of our medicines and those in our imminent pipeline signify the culmination of effective execution and collaboration throughout our organization. Over the past three years, we've garnered over 50 global regulatory approvals, showcasing our dedication to advancing patient care.
As part of our pledge, we recognize the significance of enrolling clinical trial populations that mirror real-world demographics and align with the epidemiology of the diseases under study. By doing so, we aim to overcome barriers to achieving health equity and enhance our understanding of the safety and efficacy of groundbreaking medicines across diverse populations. We acknowledge the need to extend these efforts to comprehend the implications of diversity in clinical trials across various countries and patient characteristics.
Nurturing a globally inclusive and high-performing workforce is a cornerstone of our ethos at BMS, rooted in our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Passion, Inclusion, Accountability, and Urgency. By embodying these values, we empower our employees to excel, ensuring we meet the needs of our patients.
An inclusive and diverse workplace fosters innovation and ensures that diverse perspectives are valued and integrated into our mission of transforming patients' lives through science. This necessitates the incorporation of inclusive practices across all facets of our organization, including talent management, leadership development, and learning initiatives.
Prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our workforce remains paramount. We continually assess and enhance our programs to support the physical, emotional, professional, and financial wellbeing of our employees, enabling them to thrive in their roles.
Recognizing our environmental responsibility, we are committed to minimizing our operational impact on the planet. Our environmental goals, including achieving Net-Zero emissions in Scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 2050, underscore our commitment to sustainability and accountability through robust governance and transparent reporting.
Corporate responsibility has long been integral to BMS, and our evolved ESG strategy reflects our organization-wide dedication to advancing sustainability. Together, we are forging a legacy that blends our esteemed history with a future characterized by innovation, responsibility, and growth.