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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: Abbott's Impactful Global Sustainability and DEI Report


Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: Abbott's Impactful Global Sustainability and DEI Report
Discover Abbott's remarkable strides towards its ambitious 2030 goals through their recently unveiled Global Sustainability Summary Report and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report for 2021. These insightful reports showcase Abbott's unwavering commitment to improving lives and fostering a healthier, more inclusive future for all.
Unveiling the Power of Progress
Abbott's Global Sustainability Report delves deep into the remarkable advancements made on their path to achieving their 2030 Sustainability Plan. With a mission to enhance the lives of one in every three individuals worldwide by the end of the decade, Abbott has already impacted a staggering 2.2 billion lives in 2021 alone. Let's delve into the highlights:
Innovating for Access and Affordability: Abbott has embedded accessibility and affordability into the very core of their design principles. By doing so, they ensure that their groundbreaking technologies reach those who need them most, providing improved access and affordability for all.
Empowering Care through Technology: Abbott is at the forefront of developing and enhancing technologies that connect people with the care they require. From revolutionizing diabetes care to advancing virtual care for pain and movement disorders, Abbott is making healthcare more accessible and efficient than ever. Additionally, their rapid portable concussion test is transforming the way head injuries are diagnosed and managed.
Transforming Global Healthcare: Abbott is dedicated to addressing critical issues such as malnutrition and infectious diseases. They have established the Abbott Center for Malnutrition Solutions, delivered a staggering one billion COVID-19 tests, and launched the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition. Through these initiatives, Abbott is proactively safeguarding the world against future viral threats.
Building a Sustainable Future: Abbott strives to create a stronger, more sustainable organization across all fronts. They are committed to nurturing the workforce of tomorrow, championing a healthy environment, and responsibly integrating data, technology, and care. Abbott's holistic approach ensures that every aspect of their operations contributes to a better world.
Abbott's commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive world goes beyond its global sustainability efforts. Introducing their latest 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report, Abbott showcases its unwavering dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within its workforce, across the healthcare landscape, and through impactful collaborations:
Advancing DEI within Abbott: Witness the remarkable strides Abbott has taken to cultivate diversity and inclusion within its ranks. With an impressive 44.6% of STEM-related positions and 40% of global management roles now held by women, Abbott is breaking barriers and reshaping the face of leadership.
Empowering Employees: Abbott's transformative programs, such as FreeU and Freedom 2 Save, offer employees the opportunity to earn undergraduate degrees while simultaneously easing the burden of student loans and saving for retirement. Abbott recognizes the importance of investing in its workforce's education and financial well-being.
Thriving Communities: Abbott's global employee networks provide essential communities where Abbott employees can seek support, guidance, and mentorship. These networks create a nurturing environment where every individual's unique voice is heard and valued.
Promoting Health Equity: Abbott's commitment to achieving health equity resonates through strategic programs and partnerships. They actively promote diversity in clinical trials, support diverse suppliers, and extend educational and career opportunities to students from underrepresented and diverse communities. By breaking down barriers, Abbott paves the way for a more equitable healthcare landscape.
A Future Filled with Progress
Abbott's journey toward diversity and inclusion is an ongoing commitment. With a steadfast focus on the next decade, Abbott is already devising plans to deliver even greater progress. As they move forward, Abbott's vision for a more diverse and inclusive world remains unwavering.
Join Abbott on this transformative path towards a future that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusivity, and thrives on the strength of a united community. Together, we can create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and thrive.
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