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Adrian Flux’s Survey Reveal Reluctance Among British Motorists Towards Electric Cars


Even though the number of electric cars are becoming more popular on the roads of Britain, the love for traditional cars and uncertainty for the new technology suppress the proliferation of electric car purchase.

Dailycsr.com – 22 January 2016 – Within a span of two years the electric cars have become more popular whereby at present their number has increased from “3,500” to over forty thousand. However, a survey that was conducted recently revealed that the buyers of electric cars in the coming five years make up only three percent of the motorists.
The said survey was sponsored by Adrian Flux, an “insurance broker” which found out that in spite of the environmental and economic benefits of the electric cars, over seventy three percent of possible buyers, forming part of the “the 1,784 motorists surveyed”, informed that they did not plan to buy any electric car.
In fact, the Ethicalperformance.com reports that:
“These figures (percentage of the motorists interested in electric cars) represent only a one percentage point rise in interest since a 2012 survey by the broker found that just 2% of motorists were considering switching to an electric car (with 28 per cent undecided)”.
Almost nineteen percent of survey subjects showed “range anxiety” concerning the fear of “running out of charge mid-journey”. The afore mentioned reason seems to be the biggest hurdle that is stopping them from buying electric cars, while another thirty five percent simply enjoys “driving traditional petrol and diesel cars”, therefore they are most unlikely to ever switch over to electric ones.
Even though, there is a “grant” scheme present for the purchase of electric cars, over twenty two percent of the motorists stated that the price of the electric cars are high for them while an additional seven percent expressed concerns over expenditures on “replacing expensive batteries”.
Some of the subjects “questioned the environmental benefit of electric cars”, while one of them said:
“I’m concerned about the long term environmental effects of spent batteries.”
However, yet another subject added:
“I would be most interested if the electricity was produced from renewable sources… fossil-fuel-produced power is no better than using petrol.”
According to Gerry Bucke, the General Manager of Flux, the survey clarifies that the love for “conventional cars” coupled with “a reluctance” to invest into a new technology is what becoming the road blocks for the development of electric cars’ market:
“Many of the people who took our survey said that they felt electric cars, or at least hybrids, would one day be commonplace on our roads, but most thought that there were still many hurdles for manufacturers to jump before that happened.
“Despite an increased number of charging points in the UK, many motorists still suffer from range anxiety, which is something which won’t disappear until chargers are as widespread as petrol stations, charging is as quick as filling up, and electric cars can offer similar ranges to current vehicles.”