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Addressing The Management Of ‘Core Human Factors’


“Human Factors in Health and Safety” could improve corporate performance and enhance safety at work site.

Dailycsr.com – 28 October 2017 – Chemical and process industries, even the ones in Buncefield and Texas City, have been affected by human and “organisational factors” as they led to “several major incidents”.
In order to manage these scenarios, the “Institution of Chemical Engineers” offers training modules regarding “core human factors” along with the ways of their effective management with safety parameters, thus creating “a safety management system”.
The said training modular, called the “Human Factors in Health and Safety” has its focus on “how a better understanding of human factors can drive safety standards and overall business performance”.
Here are some of the topics covered in the training, as mentioned by the HSE:
“…organisational change, safety culture, safety-critical communications, human error, stress and fatigue, training and competence, staffing and workload, supervision and leadership, and integrating human factors at the design stage”.