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Acer’s Commitment to Education and Digital Equality


Acer Inc. has revealed that it will be providing PC solutions for all contestants and onsite staff at the 35th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Hungary. Since 2018, Acer has been a regular partner of the IOI contests, providing Acer laptops for young computer scientists to work on algorithms and programming tasks, as well as for onsite staff to conduct pre-event tests and evaluate contestant submissions. This ensures a smooth-running competition throughout the week-long event.
In partnership with the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Development, the Acer laptops will be donated to local schools after the contest to continue supporting students and teachers in creating a positive learning environment and promoting innovation. The IOI 2023 is being attended by approximately 400 participants, including contestants and helpers, from 90 countries around the world.
“Acer has always believed in the transformative power of education and technology, working tirelessly to break barriers and connect people through our products and solutions,” said Emmanuel Fromont, Acer’s Corporate Vice President and President of EMEA Operations.
“As the official sponsor of this year's Olympiad, we are thrilled to equip the contestants once again with our PC solutions including the latest line-up of powerful Aspire notebooks, enabling them to tackle challenging algorithms with ease.”
Acer is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibilities, with education being a primary focus. As a global technology company, Acer strives to promote digital equality and to continue breaking down the barriers between people and technology.