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Abbott's Global Sustainability & DEI Reports: Making Progress Towards a Better Future


Here is Abbott's Game-Changing Reports
Abbott has recently unveiled two comprehensive reports that showcase their remarkable strides towards their 2030 goals. The 2021 Global Sustainability Summary Report and the 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report provide a glimpse into Abbott's unwavering commitment to improving lives worldwide.
Powerful Progress for a Better Future
Abbott's Global Sustainability Report reveals impressive advancements in their ambitious 2030 Sustainability Plan, designed to positively impact the lives of billions across the globe. In just one year, Abbott has improved the lives of an astounding 2.2 billion individuals through their innovative products and services. Here are some noteworthy highlights:
Pioneering access and affordability by integrating core design principles into the development and delivery of technologies, ensuring they reach those who need them most.

Revolutionary advancements in healthcare technology, such as diabetes care, virtual care for pain and movement disorders, and a rapid portable test for concussions, connecting people with the care they require.

Transforming care for malnutrition and infectious diseases by establishing the Abbott Center for Malnutrition Solutions, distributing 1 billion COVID-19 tests, and launching the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition to proactively combat future viral threats.

Forging a stronger, more sustainable Abbott across all aspects of the company, including support for the workforce of tomorrow, environmental preservation, and responsible integration of data, technology, and care.

Creating a More Inclusive World
In addition to their sustainability efforts, Abbott has also released the 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Report, showcasing their ongoing dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion.

This report underscores Abbott's commitment to:
  • Advancing DEI within the company, with 44.6% of STEM-related positions and 40% of global management roles now held by women.
  • Empowering employees through programs like FreeU and Freedom 2 Save, which facilitate undergraduate degree attainment, student loan repayment, and retirement savings.
  • Supporting an inclusive community through 10 global employee networks that provide invaluable support and mentoring opportunities.
  • Driving greater health equity through various programs and partnerships, such as diversifying clinical trials, supporting diverse suppliers, and extending educational and career opportunities to underrepresented and diverse communities.

The Future Looks Bright
Abbott is already hard at work, propelling themselves towards even greater progress over the next decade. For a comprehensive understanding of Abbott's incredible achievements, you can explore their full 2021 Global Sustainability Report and their 2021 DEI Report. Join Abbott in their pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for all.