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AT&T Conducts MBA Challenge To Better Comprehend The Millennials


Notre Dame’s MBA students participate in AT&T’s “first-of-its-kind” M.B.A. challenge addressing “live business issues”.

Dailycsr.com – 18 November 2016 – The AT&T Indiana’s President, Bill Soards, questions the expectations of the millennials from their “future employer”, whereby the most important “social issues” for them for which they would like to volunteer their help.
In an attempt to shed some light in the above mentioned queries, AT&T recently finished conducting a “first-of-its-kind” M.B.A challenge in association with the “University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business”. The said challenge tackled with similar questions and covered even more. Over hundred thirty students of MBA took part in the challenge which took off with the representatives of AT&T giving “an overview of the company’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programs” like “It Can Wait, Digital You and Do One Thing”.
Briefing the students with the impacts of the said programme cast on the communities and people in turn, they were asked to address “live business issues” like, as mentioned in the Ethical Performance:
  • Engaging Millennial Employees in Global Citizenship Activities
  • Smart Cities & Internet of Things Technology
  • Safe & Responsible Use of Technology – It Can Wait and Beyond
The challenge was conducted by dividing the students into “teams of 5-6 members”, who then “worked with Mendoza College of Business instructors on important business fundamentals like decision-making, research and preparing to speak”. The lessons were punctuated by practical work, wherein the team had to develop their “proposed solutions” and rehearse the same before presentations, which took place before the panel of judges, the latter being “active in CSR efforts in the Midwest”. In the words of Bill Soards:
“Engaged employees are typically more productive, more likely to stay with their employer and more customer-focused. While we have a strong history of providing opportunities for employees to engage in our communities, we are always looking for ways to increase their engagement in cause-related activities.”
While, the Senior Associates of the “Mendoza College of Business”, Bill Brennan, added:
“Learning from the best-in-class and seeing how important CSR is to their business has made a strong impression on our students, who are the business leaders of the future. It was truly a win-win-win endeavor and a learning experience that will resonate with our students throughout their careers.”