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AEG Employees With Los Angeles Food Bank Takes Food To People In Need


Besides feeding hungry mouths, educating the community on hunger and making them aware of the same also form part of the agenda.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2017 – On the August 29 2017, over 70 employees of “AEG’s Los Angeles offices” worked day long to prepare “food kits at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in Commerce”, whereby keeping up the “longstanding relationship” between “Los Angeles Regional Food Bank” and the core “public service” principle of AEG.
The C.E.O and the President of AEG, Dan Beckerman, delivered a welcoming speech after which the employees prepared over “1,400 food kits” for distributing “to seniors living in the greater Los Angeles area”. Right from the year of 1973 till date, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s food distribution exceeds “more than one billion pounds” which were given to the ones in need throughout the “Los Angeles County”. Moreover, it also carries out “ongoing hunger education and awareness campaigns”.
While the Ethical Performance added:
“In addition to AEG’s many foundations and programs that focus on public service initiatives, community outreach, and volunteerism, AEG has contributed more than $100 million in direct financial and in-kind support of charitable, community and civic programs over the past 10 years”.