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ACE Makes A Donation To LIPU For Preservation Of Venice Lagoon’s Biodiversity


LIPU receives a donation from ACE for its conservation project of Venice Lagoon’s biodiversity.

ACE Makes A Donation To LIPU For Preservation Of Venice Lagoon’s Biodiversity
Dailycsr.com – 14 October 2015 – The ACE Group broke the news that a donation of “€48,000” will be made to the charity organisation LIPU by the ACE Foundation International. The said charitable organisation works on the environmental issues. The donation made by the Ace Foundation International will be used for the project wherein LIPU is working to “protect and restore the natural habitat and biodiversity of the Venice lagoon”.
The donation amount was given to LIPU in the “Federation of European Risk Management Associations” or FERMA in short, which is an ongoing forum in the city of Venice. The event of FERMA forms part of the commitments made by ACE towards contributing for environmental cause, especially investing in the markets that operate to look after these issues regarding “environmental risks”.
The grant awarded by ACE will enable LIPU to begin its work in the “Ca’ Roman Nature Reserve” of the Venice lagoon, whereby the organisation will look after preservation of bio diversity in that area. Likewise, the project will protect the “rare fauna and flora of the area from the effects of human activities”. Moreover, LIPU aims to reduce the foot traffic to minimum in the area “where indigenous flora species grow”, along with improve monitoring system so as to stop “vegetation harvesting, trespassing and hunting” like other “illegal activities”. The rare birds like Nightjar’s nests will also be given projection. ACE’s Italian “Country President”, Orazio Rossi stated:
“We are proud to partner with LIPU on this important project to protect and restore the biodiversity of one of the most important, but also sensitive, nature reserves in Italy. Environmental issues are a key priority for us at ACE. We provide solutions that help clients manage their environmental exposures across Italy and Europe region and we recognise our own responsibility to reduce our environmental impact, as well as to make meaningful contributions to local environmental causes.”
While, the director of LIPU, Danilo Selvaggi commented that:
“Tourism, industry and other human activities are putting huge pressures on the Ca’ Roman Nature Reserve in the Venice lagoon, an area of exceptional beauty and importance as the nesting ground for birds, such as the Oystercatcher, and local flora, unique to the Venice area. Our work in the reserve, which begun in 1992 in collaboration with the Venice Municipality and the Veneto Region, ensures that we minimise the pressure on the natural environment and we reverse the effects of human activities as much as possible. In a time of pressure on public finances, companies can help fill the gap when it comes to protecting the environment. ACE’s donation is an example of the critical role business can play achieving this goal.”
Besides, taking care of the environment of the world, ACE also makes sure that it has a control over “its own environmental impact”, while it also helps its clients to reduce their environmental footprints. From the year of 2006, the company of ACE has brought the “greenhouse gas emissions” of its employee by “22%” per individual. In fact, last year itself, ACE was recognised with “a CDP disclosure score of 93” while its performance was evaluated as B score. While, among “330 ranked” insurance company, Ace was cited as one of the nine leaders “for its climate risk disclosures by Ceres”.