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‘A session not to be missed’: #RBSWEST


Download the brochure for #RBSWEST and learn the names of leading “business leaders, investors, government representatives and NGOs including”, who are scheduled to attend the event.

Dailycsr.com – 26 June 2019 – If we are to meet the “1.5-Degree target” in order to reverse the impacts on the environments, investments need to be made in technology and innovation. In fact, technological advancements alone come up as solution to the environmental challenges that the world faces.
Nevertheless, there is a gap in translating the same into practice so as to accelerate the technological advancement towards “a sustainable economy” which in turn will promote conservation of the natural environment.
To look into these very possibilities, whereby making an attempt to bridge the apparent gap, the Ethical Corporation extends the invitation to join the “Responsible Business Summit West 2019” which is scheduled to take place on October 9, 2019 and October 10, 2019 , wherein the Chief Environment Officer of Microsoft Lucas Joppa will be seen.
Welcoming Joppa, Ethical Corporation reported that the Microsoft chief environment officer will discuss the “role of technology and innovation in solving environmental challenges”. As per the Project Director of Ethical Corporation, Ed Long Joppa will “be joined on stage with the CSO of FedEx and Chief Markets Officer of the Rainforest Alliance. A session not to be missed”.
The said event is likely to be a meeting place for over two hundred fifty “business leaders, investors, government representatives and NGOs including”. Here is a list to name a few, as mentioned by Ed Long:
  • Assistant Secretary-General, UN Environment
  • State Controller, California
  • Chief Environment Officer, Microsoft
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, FedEx
  • President & CEO, Oxfam America
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • President & General Counsel, DSM North America
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Mastercard
  • President, CDP North America
  • President & CEO, Fairtrade USA
  • Executive Vice President and Group President, Sempra Energy
  • Chief Markets Officer, Rainforest Alliance
  • Chief Operating Officer, Partnership on AI
You can download you brochure at: