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‘A Wake-up Call’ To End Plastic Waste Dilemma In The Wake Of China’s Import Ban


Suddenly, the world seems to find it hard to tackle the plastic waste generated by the world which used to be imported by China.

Dailycsr.com – 26 June 2018 – According to a researcher from the University of Georgia, the world faces a “wake-up call” for innovating on how to “handle plastic trash”.
Following the decision made by China to pull the plugs on the import of waste, there seems to be a crisis worldwide as it still needs to be sorted out on what should be done with the “discarded plastic and other trash” which weighs in tons.
According to the managers of waste company, China’s move could mean that some of the plastic and paper containers used by Americans and are intended for recycling could actually end up as landfills.
Moreover, a study was recently conducted which revealed that since 1992, China has imported 45% of the plastic waste generated by the world. In this way, many countries, like the U.S., could afford to dodge the issue of processing “unwanted material”. However, the “Jan. 1 ban” of China implemented on imports of “nonindustrial plastic waste” along with “stricter standards” concerning the “type of paper waste” that are acceptable, means that these waste materials now have “no place to go”.
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