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A Tribute To Land Rover’s And Jaguar's Heritage Moments That Have Been Summed Up Within Their New Collection Launch


The new collections of Jaguar and Land Rover echoes the iconic designs of the companies that has become their heritage at present.

Dailycsr.com – 29 October 2015 – The Land Rover and Jaguar launch a “new merchandise collection” inspired by the “moments of rich heritage” and iconic designs of both the brands. The new collections can be availed in the U.K’s retail market.
The collection is a variety of multiple “innovative products” which incorporates top notch “quality apparels”, branded accessories and watches to mention a few. While the Jaguar Land Rover’s Licensing and Branded goods’ Director, Lindsay Weaver said:
“The new Jaguar and Land Rover collections combine exceptional design and originality with outstanding quality. In addition to a stunning range of heritage-inspired products, we have also created new core and lifestyle ranges which continue to be stylish and relevant."
The merchandise collection of 2016 for Land Rover and Jaguar bases itself on “an accomplished variety of premium products” that has been launched till present day while they yet retained popularity among the customers.
In order to keep the “legend of the beautiful 1957 XKSS” alive, the Jaguar Heritage Collection brings out various personal products like “luxurious leather jackets for men and women”, “leather holdalls, driving gloves, wallets, T-shirts and polo shirts” all of which draws an inspiration from the “iconic sports car”.
Giving a detailed description of the Jaguar Collection, europetata.com informs:
“A comprehensive range of exciting new products launched within the lifestyle collection, including goose-down filled jackets, 2-in-1 waterproof jackets, driving jackets for men and children, new T-shirt styles and designs, high-quality leather phone and tablet cases, an all-new leather luggage set with a matching suit carrier, and a significantly enhanced range of children's products including sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, books, toys, rucksacks, pencil cases and lunch boxes”.
On the other hand the “Land Rover Heritage” synchronises with its “60th anniversary of the First Overland crossing” which was conducted on “two Series I Land Rovers” by six Oxford and Cambridge students, who established new records back in the year of 1955 whereby completing the journey from “London to Singapore” in “six months and six days".
Likewise, the colour scheme of the new Land Rover collection reflects the two vehicles in “light blue and dark blue”, whereby the collection incorporates:
“...a vintage leather jacket, an expedition jacket, T-shirts and polo shirts, long-sleeved checked-shirts for men and women, a specially designed watch with vintage leather strap, small and large Globetrotter trunks featuring the route-map graphic print inside, with a set of replica expedition stickers, enamel mugs and a range of luggage including backpacks and weekender bags”.
Capturing the spirit of the “courageous” expedition team the collection brings in the style of 1950s and captures “perfectly” the inspiration of the young team members. Moreover, the Land Rover Gear Collection features:
“...goose-down filled jackets, 2-in-1 waterproof jackets, new T-shirt styles and designs for men, women and children, high-quality leather phone and tablet cases, an all-new luggage set, a new chronograph watch and a significantly enhanced range of children's products including sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, books, toys, rucksacks, pencil cases and lunch boxes, not forgetting of course Adventure Bear”.