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‘A Strong CEO-Led Agenda’ Makes The 2018 Responsible Business Summit A ‘Must-Attend’ Event For Corporate Leaders


The Executive Director and the C.E.O of the “United Nations Global Compact”, Lise Kingo to deliver the opening speech of the “leading sustainability conference” this year.

Dailycsr.com – 21 February 2018 – The “Responsible Business Summit Europe” will be taking place on June 13, 2018 and June 14, 2018 in London, wherein over six hundred corporate leaders as well as C.E.Os will come together to discuss the various ways of corporate for responding and transforming the sector aligning itself to the “increasing social, environmental and technological opportunities and pressures”.
In a delightful confirmation, the Ethical Corporation revealed that the Executive Director as well as the Chief Executive Officer of “United Nations Global Compact”, Lise Kingo, will address the opening words to crowd at the summit. Furthermore, the European Commission’s “Active Senior Advisor CSR/SDGs”, Pedro Ortún, will be taking a later discussion on the ways “how businesses can use the Sustainable Development Goals as a core driver for future strategy and success”.
In the words of the Ethical Corporation’s Managing Director, Liam Dowd:
“We’re thrilled that Lise Kingo is joining our expert speaker panel. The UN Global Compact is at the forefront of helping businesses adopt more sustainable strategies and Lise is spearheading this great work. June’s event will feature our most senior and diverse speaker line-up to date all challenged with sharing how their business and organisation will help transform business and industries to deliver the required future business climate”.
“The world is faced with increasing societal and environmental pressures. The growth and evolution of technology is presenting increasing questions and opportunities. We feel it’s vitally important that we bring together the leading minds and organisations from all industries to shape what future sustainable business could look like – and that’s what we’re doing at this year’s Responsible Business Summit Europe”.
Any business leaders who are seeking to promote “sustainable innovation” as a part of their organisation ought to be at the “must-attend event” of “Responsible Business Summit 2018” which boast a “strong CEO-led agenda” along with the “confirmed participation” of over hundred “leading brands” of the world. For further information, kindly visit:
While, the Ethical Performance also informs:
“For more information on attending the Summit, please contact Candy Telani Anton, Head of Europe at Ethical Corporation on +44 (0) 207 375 7162 or at candy.anton@ethicalcorp.com