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A Selfie With Food Triggers A Donation Of Fresh Produce


Naked Juice aims to reduce “food deserts in urban areas”.

Dailycsr.com – 23 August 2016 – On a daily basis, all around the world over one million selfies are being clicked, while the average millennial’s one hour in every twenty four hours go into taking selfies. On the other hand, a young adult takes around “more than 25,000” selfies in his entire lifetime.
This goes to show that selfies dominate the newsfeed, wherein millions of people update their instant selfie status. Marketers are now harvesting the enthusiasm seen in clicking selfies to motivate, educate and inspire young people to know about important global issues.
It is the consecutive second year, wherein Naked Juice explored the selfie way for doing social good. As per Ethicalperformance’s information, the “Drink Good Do Good campaign” of Naked Juice initiated a “a very simple three-step process”:
  1. Take a “selfie with a fruit or vegetable”
  2. Share “using the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood”
  3. Trigger a “10 lbs. donation of produce to a neighbor in need”
Moreover, Ethicalperformance confirms that:
“The Drink Good Do Good effort highlights Naked Juice's commitment to reducing food deserts in urban areas through a partnership with nonprofit Wholesome Wave. The brand is aiming to make fresh, affordable food more accessible – kicking off its 2016 campaign with a donation of 250,000 pounds of produce”.