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A Contagious Gesture To Improve The Lives Of ‘Opportunity Youths’


Prudential Financial has a long history of helping the ‘under-deserved’ youths.

Dailycsr.com – 27 June 2016 – It has been almost twenty years since Prudential Financial, Inc. has been investing in providing education to “opportunity youth”, whereby creating a ripple effect that spreads beyond the immediately lives of such youths.
In the above mentioned endeavour of Prudential, YouthBuild International has extended a partnership hand. The latter is an organisation for helping “opportunity youth learn construction skills by building affordable housing and community assets in their neighbourhoods”.  As per Prudential Financial, Inc.:
“On March 2, 2016, we were proud to partner with YouthBuild at the first-ever Prudential YouthBuild Global Service Day. The event brought together 70 YouthBuild students from Arizona, Mexico and El Salvador as well as Prudential employees, prominent government officials and community members to mark a key moment in the organization’s history and build two green homes for low-income families in Arizona”.
The said ceremony was attended by the President of YouthBuild International, Tim Cross and the “U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources”, Heather Higginbottom, among the important guests. It was inspiring to listen to the experiences of “promising young people”, recounting the positive impacts of YouthBuild in their lives.
The partnership of Prudential and YouthBuild has devoted its attention in “closing the opportunity gap”. Moreover, YouthBuild programs impart job skills to opportunity youths by involving them in “construction projects that provide housing for homeless and lower-income families”.
So far, Prudential Foundation has contributed over “$9.5 million to YouthBuild”, which has touched the lives of over “140,000 youths”. Recently, Prudential invested “$1.5 million” in Newark for strengthening the “organization structure” like the development of board & staff, besides improving “opportunity youth services citywide”.
Additionally, Prudential Financial also informs:
“Outside of Newark, we helped launch YouthBuild programs in U.S. cities including Jacksonville, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. We’ve also worked with our real estate investment business to found YouthBuild programs in Mexico and Brazil. The business and its partners were instrumental in establishing these programs by helping connect YouthBuild to government agencies, additional investors and contractors. This work is ongoing”.